Expedition Medora presents: Inside the Group
w Housemusic, Misery Connoisseur, School of the Event Horizon and Peer Sessions

@ MaximiliansForum Munich
11 Sep 15

Between Texts and Cities, Writing Visual Culture, Vol. 6

edited by Daniel Marques Sampaio and Michael Heilgemeir

Offprint London w The Nomadic Studio and Misery Connoisseur @ Tate Modern, London

22 — 25 May 15

Phil, (2014) – a film by Misery Connoisseur

featured on Artuner.com

The C(h)roma Show (w Misery Connoisseur), Indiranagar, Bangalore

curated by Marialaura Ghidini and Tara Kelton
4 — 11 Dec 14

Cities Methodologies @ Slade Research Centre, London

exhibition organised by the UCL Urban Laboratory
28 — 31 Oct 14

Digitalsmigital: The fluidity of formats between publications and the screen @ Tenderbooks, London

a Misery Connoisseur film and pamphlet
2 — 5 Oct 14

Speculative Transformations @ L40, Berlin

organised by Susanne Prinz, Jaspar Joseph-Lester and Julie Westerman
5 Apr 14

Synchronise.Accelerate.Disperse.II @ MJ Genève

Screening curated by Misery Connoisseur and Christopher Kulendran Thomas with:
Brace Brace, Laura Buckley, Dora Budor, Maja Čule, Anne de Vries, DIS, Claudia Djabbari, Kristin Luke, Peles Empire, James Prevett and Erica Scourti
30 Jan 14

Texts / Cities: From the 1970s to the present — Conference @ TVAD, University of Hertfordshire

23 Jan 14

The Nomadic Studio: “Complexity is a good thing or at least a reality"

by Tim Clark, @ a n News

Art Talk / Public Lecture @ University of Hertfordshire

29 Oct 13

Misery Connoisseur, Issue 2 — Launch
and MC LIVE @ Enclave, London

with Dave Charlesworth, Ectopia, Tom Norrington-Davies, Andreas Schmidt and Erica Scourti
21 — 22 June 13

The Nomadic Studio — Art, Life and the Colonisation of Meanwhile Space — Book Launch @ South London Gallery

with Edition Taube
27 Mar 13

Misery Connoisseur, MC LIVE @ Van Horbourg, Zurich

with Amir Chasson, Annie Davey, Burcu Yagcioglu, Claudia Djabbari, James Prevett, Jason Underhill, Joey Holder, Justin Gainan, Kentaro Yamada and Rena Kosnett
1 — 22 Feb 13

–Selected Work: