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Michael Heilgemeir is a German-born photographer based in Munich and London working with still photography, moving image and artist publications.

He studied at Goldsmiths, University of London and State Academy of Photographic Design Munich. As part of the artist group Misery Connoisseur he has jointly art directed and edited the publication of the same name.

His book ‘The Nomadic Studio — Art, Life and the Colonisation of Meanwhile Space’ was published by Edition Taube, Stuttgart with support from Arts Council England and DAAD.

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Writing Visual Culture, Volume 6: Between Texts and Cities. Guest edited by Dr Daniel Marques Sampaio and Michael Heilgemeir. TVAD, University of Hertfordshire, 2015

Offprint London w The Nomadic Studio and Misery Connoisseur @ Tate Modern, London
22 — 25 May 15

Phil, (2014) – a film by Misery Connoisseur
featured on Artuner.com

The C(h)roma Show (w Misery Connoisseur), Indiranagar, Bangalore
curated by Marialaura Ghidini and Tara Kelton
4 — 11 Dec 14

Cities Methodologies @ Slade Research Centre, London
exhibition organised by the UCL Urban Laboratory
28 — 31 Oct 14

Digitalsmigital: The fluidity of formats between publications and the screen @ Tenderbooks, London
a Misery Connoisseur film and pamphlet
2 — 5 Oct 14

Speculative Transformations @ L40, Berlin
organised by Susanne Prinz, Jaspar Joseph-Lester and Julie Westerman
5 Apr 14

Synchronise.Accelerate.Disperse.II @ MJ Genève
Screening curated by Misery Connoisseur and Christopher Kulendran Thomas with:
Brace Brace, Laura Buckley, Dora Budor, Maja Čule, Anne de Vries, DIS, Claudia Djabbari, Kristin Luke, Peles Empire, James Prevett and Erica Scourti
30 Jan 14

Texts / Cities: From the 1970s to the present — Conference @ TVAD, University of Hertfordshire
23 Jan 14

The Nomadic Studio: “Complexity is a good thing or at least a reality"
by Tim Clark, @ a n News

Art Talk / Public Lecture @ University of Hertfordshire
29 Oct 13

Misery Connoisseur, Issue 2 — Launch
and MC LIVE @ Enclave, London
with Dave Charlesworth, Ectopia, Tom Norrington-Davies, Andreas Schmidt and Erica Scourti
21 — 22 June 13

The Nomadic Studio — Art, Life and the Colonisation of Meanwhile Space — Book Launch @ South London Gallery
27 Mar 13

Misery Connoisseur, MC LIVE @ Van Horbourg, Zurich
with Amir Chasson, Annie Davey, Burcu Yagcioglu, Claudia Djabbari, James Prevett, Jason Underhill, Joey Holder, Justin Gainan, Kentaro Yamada and Rena Kosnett
1 — 22 Feb 13